Open Innovation Systems

Create an Open Innovation System

Nowadays companies need complex systems that scape hierarchy (the tiranny of operations, finance and budgets). We call them OIS, and its purpose is to make sure hoy get maximum of ideas to build future

Interim Innovation Manager

You can see you need to innovate at a higher speed in our VUCA times, fleeting and global times. Maybe your size do not justify to have your own Innovation Manager; I can hold this position part-time

Do you know how to create/manage an Open Innovation System so as to take advantage of 100% of the talent of your organization? I know the process, how to build the discipline, how to manage recognition, how to organize the projects so they get by and how to care they are aligned with the strategy of the company. I've been Innovation Manager in a global company for 11 years, and I've helped other organizartions to create this systematics