Extraordinary Teams

I coach high performance teams

The kithchen of a 3 Stars Michelin restaurant, the team at boxes in a Formula 1 competition: the best teams are complex, skilled, manage their differences and get along. They advance together; it's a science and an art

Creation of Human Beings (HB) departments

I can help you to design your HR department so it transform itself into a modern HB department. Office work must be put aside so all the attention is in humans (talent, creativity, careers, commitment)

My professional career, at least in the last 12 years, is 100% linked to teambuilding. I understand how and why people enjoy workingand contributing; where do conflicts do arise and what makes people wish be part of the team. And I know the best methods (AGILE, etc.). As for people, I've learnt how to forge wise mixtures, dynamic, non-indulgent and effective at the same time. If you need to improve your teams, I can help you