About me
I'm an economist and a philosopher


My professional career starts linked to the auditing arena, controlling and finances. I have performed in several offices, with responsibilities concerning Spain, Portugal and Morocco. I combined the management of the Finance and Controlling department with the lead in Innovation. I've also developed entrepreneurial activities as a consultant and speaker on innovation, creativity, leadership, excellence ethics and people. I have performed speeches and assessed organizations, companies, universities, business schools and educational centers, and assisted to public forums in half a dozen countries. In 2018, I managed a turf producer company.

As a teacher, you'll find me at Esic, a renowned business school and university.

In the philosophical arena, I lead diverse non-profit projects, in educational centers and other entities. Among other fields of study, I have addressed ethics, politics, argumentation and epistemology. I',m also a writer and a translator for essays concerning his fields of interest  too. I have also co-founded and write articles for the Web site Humano, Creativamente Humano, a digital review on Art and Thinking.


Graduate in economics • Graduate in Philosophy • MBA • Master degree in Logistics and Operations • Master degree in Practical Philosophy• Medium degree on Intellectual capital and HR management • Excellence Evaluator(EFQM) • Internal Auditor for Quality Systems • International Leadership Program at Ashridge Business School

You can have a look on my CV here